Lerro Photography Presents:
California Steam Charters 2022

– Sierra Railway #3
– Niles Canyon Railway
– A 3rd Railroad Charter TBA

Sierra Railway – March 26-27, 2022

Join Lerro Photography as we photograph the most famous little train in Hollywood history. Sierra Railway 4-6-0 #3 has been featured in over 70 movies & TV series and has had a variety of different cosmetic appearances. For our charter, Sierra Railway #3 will sport an 1880s wood burner appearance and will pull a mixed train of freight cars and vintage coaches. The locomotive will feature the wood burner smokestack and the oil headlamp. Normally, Sierra Railway #3 operates on 3 miles of Jamestown 1897 track, but for our charter, the train will travel further south on part of the Sierra Northern Railway. Some of the areas we will photograph are locations where multiple 1960s-70s westerns were filmed. Sierra Railway #3 has not traveled down this part of the line in decades, so don’t miss this rare opportunity.  Reenactors will also be on hand to enhance the 1880s theme.

A night session will be held at the roundhouse and yard on Saturday night.

Participants will need to carpool during the charter. Maps will be provided to the participants in advance. State Park representatives will be on hand to keep freeloaders away.


Niles Canyon Railway – March 28, 2022

Join us as we run multiple photo trains on the 9 miles of track that the Niles Canyon Railway controls. We will have two photo trains as well as a third train that we will ride in. The main photo train will be powered by the 2-4-4-2 “Skookum” and it will run for us all day. The second photo train will be with us for half of the day and it will be a mixed freight train powered by Clover Valley Lumber Co. #4, a 2-6-6-2T. Our rider train will be powered by a Southern Pacific diesel and will pull two coaches.

Unlike past events, we will be able to turn the locomotive and give the photographers unique photo opportunities. We will also run a different train in the afternoon that will be powered by the 2-4-4-2 “Skookum.” The Niles Canyon line has several bridges, buildings and fields that we can shoot from and there are a variety of freight cars for us to use.

Important Note: The “Skookum” is privately owned. In the small chance it happens to leave Niles Canyon, the Clover Valley #4 would become the main charter engine and the Robert Dollar Co. 2-6-2T #3 would become the second photo freight engine.


The 3rd Steam Charter

Because of all the logistics involved, we are not announcing any details of what the 3rd charter is just yet. If it all comes together as planned, this photo charter will give you a very rare opportunity to photograph an engine that doesn’t get out much, let alone in good photographic conditions. For those of you who sign up for both Niles and Sierra, you will get the information first and be given the opportunity to sign up before the third charter is publicly announced.

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